Beautiful lawns are our business, and our specialty.

Perma Green Lawn Care has been providing quality lawn fertilization, weed control, and other specialized lawn services in Holland and throughout West Michigan since 1991.

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control

Pre – emergent crabgrass control gives season long control of crabgrass along with early post emergent control. PermaGreen is proud to use Dimension pre-emergent herbicide.

Broadleef weed control is included with each application of fertilizer, making your lawn virtually weed free. A controlled release nitrogen fertilizer that gives your lawn a continuous feeding throughout the season. Potash fertilizer for turf disease resistance and for improved winter hardiness. 0% phosphate fertilizer is used around lakes and ponds.


Landscape Weed Control

Keeping weeds and grasses out of landscape beds, bark mulch, stone areas,cracks in walks/driveways and beaches.

Applying a preemergent weed control Snapshot or Barrier in early spring followed up with a Round Up treatment for any weeds that may come up during the year, treated at the time of your lawn fertilizer applications.

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